Team Builder Tutorial

The Auto Chess X Team Builder is a new tool that allows users to create and share their own team composition containing in-depth analysis, variations, priority items and team formation.

To be able to use our beta version and help us to improve it, simply go to and Log in.

You will need an Auto Chess X Account. If you don’t have an it yet. click on Register and provide your username, email and password to create your account

When you start using the Team Builder, the first step is to insert a title for your build on the first input field and select your characters clicking on the plus sign.

You can easily search for characters by name, race or class on the modal that will pop up.

After selecting all your characters, write a short overview of your build. Try to explain why it works and it main focus with a few words.

You can then add a few Pros and Cons to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of you composition. Clicking on the Add Row button will give you more Pros & Cons input fields. Don’t mind you you have 3 pros and 1 con, for example. You are not required to fill both sides equally.

The next section is where you give more detailed information about your build. Try to describe you should you play on the early, mid and late game. Which characters should you look to get first and who you want to prioritize leveling to 3 stars. Should you stop a level 8 and start rerolling? Should you try to get to level 9 or 10 asap to have more chance to get that Legendary? Here is where you answer all those questions with as much details as you can.

Also, you can select which other build you counter and the ones you get countered by on the Matchups section.

If you build has room for a few variations, you can select the possible characters you can use and add a small description on when and why you should do it. Add Siren for the Marine Synergy if you are fight Mages? This is where you put this kind of information.

You can then select the items you would like to prioritize on each character

Finally, position you characters on the chess board and save your guide. If anything goes wrong, you should see a message explaining why your guide could not be saved. Otherwise, you will be redirected to your guide page.