Creep Rounds

You fight against NPC creeps at rounds 1, 2, 3, 10, and every 5 levels thereafter until level 50. For every round, the creeps difficulty is increased, as well as your chance to unlock higher tier items.

Round Enemies
1 2x Treant Creep
2 1x Treant Mega Creep

2x Treant Range Creep

3 2x Treant Creep

2x Treant Mega Creep

2xTreant Range Creep
10 2x Rock Golem
15 Wolfmechi
2x Ursa Killer
25 2x Black Swamp Wild Wing
30 3x Thunderhide
35 1x Black Dragon King
40  4x Glacial Axe Flingers

2x Glacial Fire Hunter
45 1x Nian Beast
50 1x Nashor