7 Synergy Hunter Build

by kmkz on September 16, 2019



#1 player on Asia server is using this build to crush everyone on ranked by shredding enemies' armor using the Egersis Synergy + the Venomancer skill, opening space to the flat damage provided by the Hunter Synergy


A lot of armor reduction

Pretty much unstoppable when complete

Very Expensive

Difficult to Force


Hunter are very good early game units. Try to get as much of the low cost ones on the beginning of the game to get your Hunter Synergy up as soon as possible and consider using Cave Clan and Warriors frontline while you are searching for the pieces you need for the final build.

Build your economy and focus on leveling instead of rolling. You need all the 8 pieces to unlock the full potential of this build and you will have a greater chance to find your more expensive units.


Win Against
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