[10 Simple Tips] to Help You get Better at AutoChess

[10 Simple Tips] to Help You get Better at AutoChess

By Excoundrel

A big thanks to Excoundrel for the information in the video above.

1. Don’t go into a game with a strategy in mind – Be Flexible

The first tip is a rather easy one to get the hang of. Don’t go into a game and expect to win with a specific strategy in mind.

Don’t be married to whatever plan you have at the start of a match because nine times out of ten it will cost you the game. Trying to win by just sticking to a strategy focused on Warriors or Mages will hinder you in the long run.

There are a lot of other players that use specific types of pieces with Warriors seeming to be the most popular. And all you’ll be doing is competing with others using the same sets and potentially setting yourself up for failure.

Flexibility is important to especially when you might not have the best luck with what you’re given. You need to learn to adapt and be able to change your strategy at a moments notice depending on how the game goes.

2. Understand how to build an economy + When to Level + Loss streaks are key!

Losing is not the goal you want to aim for in this game but losses will happen. You need to learn how to use your loss streaks to benefit you in leveling.

When you’re on a losing streak use it to build your economy and get your gold up. It’s a really important thing to do if you can’t seem to get yourself on the winning side.

With your losing streak, you can build up enough gold and still level regardless. The goal you wanna reach for is getting about fifty gold and you should be up to level seven at that point.

With how the game works you should be able to build up your economy pretty well on a losing streak. It’s all about knowing how to utilize what you’re given.

3. Mid/Early game it is better to have 2-star units on the board than try to force a Synergy

In the early game, try not to rely on synergies and focus on your 2-star units. 2-star units will carry you through the Mid-game so you should be looking to play them as much as possible.

Essentially, 2-star units are more powerful than any synergy you can generate anyway. So, 2-star units are the ones that are more likely to help you out.

It all goes back to building your economy as well. 2-Star units will make it easy to build your economy in the early game until you hit the fifty gold mark.

Once you hit fifty gold and level seven or above you can start focusing on synergies more.

4. Don’t waste gold early game by rolling for new chess pieces unless your strategy depends on it

When you’re in the early game it really isn’t beneficial to try and roll for new chess pieces. Unless you’re looking for a specific 1-star or 2-star unit that you absolutely need for your strategy.

Aside from that, rolling is not worth it in the early game. You’ll mainly just be wasting your gold and hindering yourself more than anything.

You can rely on saving your gold until you get higher in level. Once you’re higher level and start having strategies based around high ranked pieces or even legendaries, that’s when you should focus on rolling for new pieces.

But overall, it just isn’t worth it in the early game. You’re far better off building up your economy and saving the gold until you’re in a place to get better pieces with your higher level.

5. Plan your strat around being level 8

Base your strategies on getting to level eight. Level nine and are difficult to get to so your strategy should focus on getting to level eight.

Level nine and ten are a big gold investment to get to so it’s better to get to eight and rebuild your economy once you get there. You can start off poorly in the early game but if you focus your strategy around getting to level eight then even if you start off losing you can come back later in the game.

You also don’t want to put any strategies around Legendaries as well. There’s no guarantee you’ll ever get what you might be planning for and that leads to inconsistency.

Consistency is key in this game so you always want your plans to be consistent. So once you hit level eight you can start building your economy some more and then readjust your strategy from there.

6. Always be aware of what types of Synergy your enemies are building

A huge thing to know in this game is what other players are building. You need to check and see what synergies other players are using and adjust accordingly.

If everyone is building Warriors then you don’t build Warriors. It’ll only end up in a competition for those pieces and it’ll make it very difficult for you to get anywhere.

This goes back to the first tip about being flexible. It’s okay if you have to switch which pieces you’re using multiple times.

Figure out what synergy isn’t being overused by people and work with it. Odds are you’ll be better off because there are not many other players you’ll have to compete with.

7. Know what the items do and work best with what items

It’s highly important to know about the items and their effects in this game. They’re helpful especially if you know the best way to use them.

If you got a unit with good mana then you want an item that gives good mana regeneration. Or an item like Frantic Mask which gives bonus attack speed and life steal but silences the hero.

But with a hero that has a passive, it doesn’t matter because it can’t be silenced. So you need to familiarize yourself with all the items and what they do then figure out what works best with your units.

8. Understand and experiment with basic positioning

Knowing how to position your units in this game is a major key when it comes to winning. There are a lot of different positions you can set your units up in this game so experimenting with those is a good idea.

A common one is the Box position where you use your front line to box in and protect your more valuable units in the backline. With how many different positions there are you’ll be able to find one that works best for you and utilize it.

9. Don’t get upset with a loss

Losing is a big part of AutoChess and it’s totally going to happen to every single player. It’s not something to beat yourself up over.

There is a lot of luck and random effects that go into this game. And sometimes you’ll lose out in the luck factor and it’ll cost you the game.

You obviously want to aim for the top three in each game you play. But you’re not going to hit that goal every single game and that’s okay.

Randomness is the nature of this game so you just have to learn to roll with the punches. Work with what you get and hope it pays off in the end.

10. Know the Meta!

Knowing which units are good and which are not is very important. It’s easy to find out what the current meta in the game is just by doing a bit of research or watching other players.

The meta is basically what units are most popular and which is best to build. And knowing how to use the meta and play with or against it is important.