[July 23rd] Patch Notes

[July 23rd] Patch Notes


  • Added new piece: Shinning Archer
  • Added In-game Items Inheritance System: The items of the defeated chess player will be randomly assigned to the currently surviving player with a 50% probability
  • Added special effects for Win Streak and Lose Streak
  • Added “Draw x5” function in Gacha
  • Added Items Preview function
  • Added different colors to distinguish the Class Synergy and Race Synergy
  • Added new limited-time Direct Purchase Store
  • English version for Pieces and Clessplayers’ voices
  • Rank-Queen exclusive Seasonal Avatar Frame reward

Items Adjustments

  • Deleted Item: Ring of Regen
  • Changed combination chain for Anti-Maga Cloak: Ring of Life + Resistance Cloak, New effect: Life regeneration increase by 10, magic resistance increase by 30%
  • Changed effect of all the items that can reduce enemy’s magic resistance while attacking: increase skill damages
  • You will get for sure the Items T2 after killing Black Dragon King, Nian Beast and Roshan; and the Items T4 from Glacial Fire Hunter, Glacial Frost Hunter and Yellow Thunderhide

Chess Pass system Optimization

  • Added Chess Pass Chess Store
  • You can now get Pass Points form the games, and a Pass Points bonus from Featured Pack
  • Optimized “Quests” system
  • Added new limited-time Direct Purchase Store
  • Added limited-time Cash only Items, and you will be gifted with Candies after purchasing them


  • Optimized the skill effect for most of the Pieces
  • Optimized Trajectory effect: new parabolic effect
  • After the update, the amount of existing Candies, and the amount of Candies acquired or consumed will be ten times than that before the update
  • Optimized audio while attacking and releasing the skills
  • Optimized Background Music at the Homepage and while battling
  • Optimized Store interface and Gacha animation
  • Optimized some in-game texts
  • Optimizes presentation of the amount of the Pieces available on the chessboard
  • Optimized presentation of Star level
  • Optimized Items’ utilization and verification rules
  • Optimized some models and actions
  • Optimized length authorized for user name
  • Optimized the problem that you might meet the same enemy Chess player in a row during the game
  • Optimized the interval between the action of the Pieces, in order to avoid the Pieces being **daze**


  • Fixed bug that player non qualified could unblock Fantasy-Mode after Team up
  • Fixed problem that Frantic Mask will silence the item
  • Fixed wrong presentation of Race & Class in settlement interface


  • Warlock- Adjusted Class Synergy (3)(6) to Class Synergy (2)(4)(6); adjusted Synergy effects to: Grants 10%/20%/30% lifesteal to allied attacks and skills
  • Venomancer- HP regeneration increased from 40/60/80 to 50/75/100 when its skill activates
  • Shadow Devil: adjusted the CD of Requiem of Shadow from 20 seconds to 15/12/10 seconds.
  • Kira Mage – Ally with highest ATK and is not in “”Irritated”” state will take the “Irritate” effect
  • Goblin – Race Synergy (6): Bonus Armor for all allied pieces is adjusted from 12 to 15.
  • Knight – Class Synergy (6): Damage reduction of shield is decreased from 30% to 25%.
  • Devastator- Decreased Physical Damage of Delayed Action Bomb from 700/1100/1500 to 600/1000/1400.
  • Strange Egg – Increased Strange Egg’s draw rate
  • Claw Wand – It will activate when enemy piece has full Mana. “