Lose Streak for the Win [In-depth Open Fort Guide]

Lose Streak for the Win [In-depth Open Fort Guide]

Auto Chess isn’t all about luck. If you can’t find the pieces you need in the characters pool and find yourself losing some games in sequence, there’s still hope! The Lose Streak strategy is very popular and was implemented to help the players to deal with the RNG aspect of the game and be able to guarantee a stable economy even if you don’t have enough luck to get the characters you need early on.

Using this strategy you’r pretty much guaranteed to have gold advantage over you opponents in exchange for some health on the early levels. If you master it, the Lose Streak is a powerful trick even against experienced opponents on high level matches.

Aim for 50 gold

Your goal when lose streaking is going to be reaching 50 gold as soon as you can by getting up to +3 gold every round as a bonus for being in a Lose Streak.

On the first rounds, just buy random characters to pass the creep stages and at Round 4, on your first battle against a random player, just sell all your characters and you should be at 10 gold. That will generate you +1 interest gold on the next round. Also, be sure to not expend your gold leveling up before you hit the 50 gold mark.

Try to make gold with your Interest

Whether you are on a Lose Streak strategy or not, it’s important to manage your Interest to make more money. Here are some checkpoints you should ain for when lose streaking.

Round Total Gold
4 10
5 16
6 22
7 30
8 39
9 40
10 50

After level 8, you should have an economy advantage over your opponents and its time for you to start to look for you first two stars. Buy some characters you find and try to have a somewhat strong team to try to survive the creeps at round 10. The units you’re buying now should be put on the field to try to minimize the amount of hp you lose by killing a few enemies each round. Be careful to not drop bellow 30 gold at this moment, to maintain your +3 gold bonus.

You should  finish level 9 with at least 40 gold. After that, you will reach your maximum income value of +5 gold per round when you have at least 50 gold on your pocket.

You should be around 65% hp now and can still manage to lose a few rounds if you can’t find the characters you need. Your gold income now will be 13 per round when you reach the maximum value of the Lose Streak and its time to decide the team composition you will look for.

Look for a late game build

This is the moment you start rerolling and leveling up to build your team. Since you’ve skipped the entire early game, you should now look for a composition that excels at late game to be competitive against the other players.

Sneak peak what your opponents are building, so you have an idea on which characters you have the best chance to get from the pool. You should look for Mages, Knights or Hunters, based you the two stars you currently have and on what the game gives you.

If you need any help with any of those builds, check out our Meta Compositions page for more information.

Creep stages doesn’t affect streaks

It’s very important to know that creep stages doesn’t affect your streaks! Doesn’t matter if you are on a Win Streak and lose on a creep round or the other way around, none of your streaks will be affect by the result of a battle against AI controlled opponents.

Most players don’t know about this and end up losing on purpose at those stages and end up not getting the items dropped by the creeps, what can make they fall behind against their opponents.


Sometimes, you don’t plan to go for a Lose Streak strategy from the beginning of the game but you don’t get the characters you need and keeps losing to the other players. In this video, Excoundrel demonstrate how can you adapt everything showed on this guide during a game where you start losing.