[Auto Chess] Ultimate Guide For Beginners

[Auto Chess] Ultimate Guide For Beginners

In Drodo’s Auto Chess mobile, there are many Races and Classes to choose from and each of them have their own abilities and bonuses. As a new player, you may not know what characters to get and how to build a solid team composition. This guide will help you through all the game basics you need to know to become a better player, do better decisions and win more games.

Build and Synergy

Sometimes, you can’t go into a game with a strategy in mind. You need to be flexible and know how to play with the pieces the game gives to you. On Auto Chess, all combinations of classes are viable and can be successful if you play it right. There can be strategies that fits better your playstyle, but unfortunately you need to be aware of the random factor present in the game. The RNG plays a huge part in this game and you need to adapt your strategy as the game goes on.

On early/mid game is much better to have 2 star units on the board than try to force a synergy. To upgrade a character, you just need to have three copies of the same level. If you find a roll like the one in the picture above on your first round, be sure to pick one of the glowing characters and lock your store. This way, the store will not refresh and you grad the other two on the second round and have a 2 stars character right away.

Two stars characters are more powerful than any synergies you can build early game and can help you to build your economy and bring you to victory. The best strategy here would be to buy as many cheap units as you can and try to level them without expending your gold on rerolls.

After you reach Level 7+ is the moment  you should try to roll for your synergies. At this point, you should have a few 2 stars and should be able to decide the synergies you are going for. If you have a few pairs on your bench and you don’t have enough space to buy anything new from the store, you can consider rerolling early, specially to maintain a Win Streak.

Character Pool

One important thing to know about Auto Chess is that the Character Pool is shared between all players. Each different character has it own limited pool according to its cost.

Character Cost Total Pieces
1 45
2 30
3 25
4 15
5 10

Every time you refresh your hero store, it pull units from the pool. This means if you are trying to build Warriors, for example, and a few other players are also building the same units, your chance to get those characters from the pool will decrease, because the other player are holding the pieces you need. When a unit is sold or the player dies, it will return to the pieces pool.

With this information in mind, always check what your opponents are building and avoid the Races/Classes everyone is trying to get.

Chance to roll

The chance to get rarer characters is based on your level. Legendary units are available only after you reach level 8.

Level Common  Uncommon  Rare  Mythic Legendary
1 100% 0% 0% 0% 0%
2 70% 30% 0% 0% 0%
3 60% 35% 5% 0% 0%
4 50% 35% 15% 0% 0%
5 40% 35% 23% 2% 0%
6 33% 30% 30% 7% 0%
7 30% 30% 30% 10% 0%
8 24% 30% 30% 15% 1%
9 22% 30% 25% 20% 3%
10 19% 25% 25% 25% 6%


If you don’t position your characters correctly, doesn’t matter if you have the best characters available in the game, they’ll struggle to reach their full potential.A good positioning can make you win or lose battles. It’s very important to protect your DPS and healer characters positioning them behind your tanks and bruisers.

If you are playing mostly melee characters (Warriors, for example), you can try the line formation right in the middle of the chess board. This way, your characters will have to go over a short distance to start fighting against the enemies and the units on the outside will most likely take the most damage. If you want to split the damage taken, line them up with one space between each of them. This way, each character will most likely tank two or three enemies

When playing Assassins, you can position them as far as you can from your opponents, so they can have a chance to hop into the enemy backline.

For Mages and Hunters, consider a 3×3 formation in one of the corners, protecting your DPS.

If your enemy have a Storm Shaman or many AoE damage units, split your characters into two teams on both sides of the chessboard, so your enemy’s skills can’t hit all of them at once.

Here, i was playing Mages and my last three opponents where Assassins. They should counter me, right? I’ve decided to put my DPS on the right side, protected by my frontline. The Assassins were just jumping right in front of God of War and Pirate Captain and i had enough time to build up the mana i needed on my Mages to cast my skills and destroy them. Also, as soon as i saw that i was going to face the three Assassin players, i’ve spent all my gold on rerolls to upgrade my characters and have an edge and finish the game as soon as possible.




Gold is the main currency in Auto Chess and can be used to:

  • Buy Heroes from the selection you have on the start of each round.
  • Refresh your current Heroes selection for the cost of 2 gold.
  • Buy 4 experience points using 5 gold.

It’s important to understand the ways you are able to acquire gold on the course of a match:

  • You receive 5 gold on the beginning of each round.
  • You win 1 gold for each player you beat in a given round.
  • You can sell characters you don’t want anymore for the same amount of gold you’ve spent on it.
  • You will receive bonus gold for achieving win or lose streaks for a maximum of 3 gold per round.
  • You gain 1 extra gold for each 10 gold you have in your stash each round. The maximum you can receive per rund is 5 gold, after you reach 50 gold total.

When to level up

The amount of characters you can have on your board is directly tied to your Level, so the higher your level is, the more characters you can have to assist with your strategy.

Here you can find the total amount of XP needed for each level:

Level XP Needed
1 0
2 1
3 1
4 2
5 4
6 8
7 16
8 24
9 32
10 40

In Auto Chess, there are only two methods to obtain XP:

  • You will get 1 point of XP on the beginning of each round automatically
  • You can buy an extra 4XP for the cost of 5 gold at any time of the game

Ok, so when to level up? It’s recommended to hit level 6 before round 10. So you will not struggle too much against the creep stage and should have an edge over your opponents that didn’t leveled yet.

You should only go for Level 7 when you hit the mark of 50 gold. The passive income that you are now receiving should be invested in XP every round.


Items can be obtainable when fighting creeps controlled by the AI in the preset stages and it’s important to know what the items do and which characters works best with what items.

Your mana items should always be on your character with most powerful damage or disable skills, so them can cast it as fast as possible.

Damage items go to your DPS characters. Try to put all on items on one single carry, preferably the one that survive the most during the fights. Also consider putting those items on your Demons, since they have a 50% physical damage bonus on hit with the Demon Race Synergy active.

Your tank units should have the health regeneration, armor and magic resistance items, so they can absorb more damage and hold the enemies on your frontline as much as they can.